Bittová and Čikori

31/5, 2011, The Hybernia Theatre.
Concert from the Cycle Rebellious Ladies of the Czech Music.


The singer, violinist and composer, who originally studied acting on the  conservatory of Prague. Personality, for which there are no boundaries in music, one of the most interesting and most original artists on the contemporary Czech music scene. All her projects were always big events not only in the Czech republic. She moves in many musical genres, these include alternative (band Danube, collaboration with Paul Fajt or performing with Vladimir Václavek), experimental jazz, rock or classical music (cooperation with Skampa Quartet). She was also a guest in Mozart's opera Don Giovanni. In addition to singing, her heart instrument is  violin.

"The violin became my life's driving force and an important guide through  my lif. As well as the  play on this amazing tool requires a strict order,  my search and approach to work needs the utmost diligence," says Iva Bittová.

She played in many places around the world, starting with the Catherine Cave in the Moravian Karst, ending with a concert at Carnegie Hall . She won several awards including the Academy of Popular Music Angel. In 1996 the Singer of the Year category,  in 1997 in the category of alternative music scene. In 2001, she was awarded for the project with a group Čikori in the categories of folk and ethnic music. She is most often compared to Laurie Anderson and Björk, even though her original production and original concept is characterized as a "duet of one artist".

She says about her work: "I am is still looking for the name of my musical language, which is for many completely original. My songs and compositions are formed on the initiative of everyday life. Important is quiet and carefree positive atmosphere that pushes into the music. "


Čikori Acoustic Music Society was founded in 1999. Sometimes students mistakenly believe that chicory is a Romany word. In fact it is a phonetic transcription of English chicory - chicory. Original founders were Iva Bittová and Vladimir Václavek, musically followed the creative songs from successful album "White Inferno" (1997). CD called "Ćikori" was finished in 2001 and received the aforementioned Angel Award.

In recent years Iva Bittová lives in the U.S. and her teammates from Čikori are fully engaged in their own musical projects of jazz, rock and alternative scene.

"After a long pause,there are lot of offers to restore the White Inferno and Čikori. So we started a new stage, "renewed" playing with our old member, a trumpet player Oskar Török, and in order to bring newer material also gladly accept the offer to play again, not only in this country but also at festivals in Europe. "

The concert on the 31st 5th 2011 in Theatre Hibernia, which belongs to the cycle Rebellious Ladies of Czech music, performed Iva Bittová (vocals, violin) and Čikori composed of: Vladimir Václavek (acoustic guitar), Oskar Török (trumpet), Jaromir Honzák (bass) and Milos Dvoracek (drums , percussion).


Iva Bittová a Čikori
Iva Bittová a Čikori
Iva Bittová a Čikori
Iva Bittová a Čikori
Iva Bittová a Čikori
Iva Bittová a Čikori