Girl Power – Women and music in graffiti

Municipal Library, Small Hall, 7 pm



Hosted by: Anna Oravcová, guest: Sanyo, Toy_box, Alexandra Slesareva

Shocking, brave and controversial - it is a nascent film Girl Power. Through the eyes of writers you will discover Berlin, Milan, Toulouse, Barcelona, Moscow, Budapest, Prague, Essen, Paris, Oslo, Gdansk, Vienna, Madrid, New York City, Sydney, Cape Town, São Paulo, and more .... Visiting graffiti jams and related hip hop European festivals. The film, which will have a premiere in March 2013, is introduding and guideing Prague writerka Sany. And she will introduce not only the film, but also her work and other authors otherwise predominantly men's world of graffiti and street art.
Girl Power trailer: www.youtube.com/watch