Recycling as a state of mind II.

Municipal Library, small hall


Recycling as a state of mind /All is Al-ready made

Lecture and projection RECYCLING IN ARCHITECTURE with Katerina Novakova, an architect


(documentary, UK, 2007, 84 min / director: Oliver Hodge A profile of American architect Michael Reynolds who became famous for his building designs using waste materials, shot by leading British documentary film-maker Oliver Hodge over a period of three years. The film won first prize at the Ekofilm 2009 festival. Michael Reynolds has been involved for over three decades now in successful projects of building low-priced sustainable houses with autonomously generated supplies of power, water and heating. In their construction, he makes use of used tyres, beer cans and glass bottles. Awesomely functional though this alternative housing project from the workshop of the New Mexico-based professional architect and champion of sustainable development may be, in the United States it has continuously grappled with countless red-tape obstacles. Over a three-year period, film-maker Oliver Hodge has observed Michael Reynolds at work and in battle with US bureaucracy. He also joined Reynolds and his team of equally enthusiastic collaborators on an expedition to the tsunami-devastated Andaman Islands, where their inexpensive and practical houses were received with open arms. The production team eventually edited a total footage covering 350 hours, down to a regular full-length documentary format providing an incredibly lively and exciting portrait of an exceptional individual and his life´s dream come true.